I turn The Simpsons into songs to slowly clap to.


Where the sewage meets the sand. Remember Simpsons remixes? They’re back, in dank form.

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I’d love to make this my job, throw me a dollarydoo and get the making of series.

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Come and have a chat with me, it’s also the best Simpsons discord around featuring Don Brodka in Bot form. (no really, come and see).

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Watch me make these LIVE every Sunday 5PM NYC time. Free merch give away every week!

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Buy my filthy merch you filthy scum. (No really I greatly appreciate your support of my art/channel).

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Buy my album in it’s pure uncompressed glory. No really, it doesn’t get better than this. Hot off the mixing desk.

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Wow I’m on that thing that everyone uses! Yes, I am now officially on Spotify.

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I only use this to repost Simpson screens I enjoy, oh and where I post important information / events.

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"I'm worried, need money"

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